About Dr. Fenneman

Dr. David Fenneman was born and grew up in London , Ontario. After receiving his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology at the University of Western Ontario, he chose the career path of Chiropractic. He attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto for four years and graduated with honors as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

After much consideration and researching he decided, along with his wife Sally, to move to a community on Vancouver Island called Courtenay in the Comox Valley in 1977. They packed up everything and moved to Courtenay not knowing a soul there and have never looked back. Despite that friends and family often commented on their permanent return to Ontario they remained. They have since raised their four children and are blessed with 3 grandchildren to date.

Being able to help people with a totally uninvasive therapy was what appealed to Dr. Fenneman. Treating the body as a whole and educating patients about their health and wellness is what has built his practice. Family health is very important to Dr. Fenneman and he encourages all members of the family to be checked periodically for misalignment that could lead to further health complications. For 27 years he partnered with Dr. Koster who retired in 2008. The practice was recently re-located to 362 E Tenth St. in Courtenay and is now under the name Courtenay Central Chiropractic.

In his time out of the office Dr. Fenneman enjoys a variety of activities. Camping, along with fishing, canoeing and exploring the North Island are what he enjoys the most. With 3 grandchildren now he spends as much time as possible with them.